We at Zone Platinum Entertainment can provide services to artists on our roster as well as artists who are looking for some great music services through a label that understands there needs and there budgets. All of the services we provide are top of the line professional and can be done the same day, so there is no wait for the artists or labels who are in need.


1. Mastering Services

If you are seeking professional mastering for your tracks/songs we have a excellent offer for you with the easiest outcome for your projects. Our mastering technicians can master up to 100 songs at a time which gives you the freedom to record, send us the song(s) and within a hour have them back to you fully mastered and ready for delivery to all digital platforms or for your CD version album or project in WAV/MP3 form. This is how it works:

A. Email us the track(s) to (3 tracks at a time if more than 2)

(Please type Mastering Services in subject line of the email)

B. We will then email you back a 20 second preview of the mastered track(s)

C. Once approved by you that the sound quality is what your looking for we then send you our invoice for payment, once you make payment we email you back the fully mastered track(s) in your choice of WAV/MP3.

Prices for mastered track(s)/Song(s) are as followed:

1 fully mastered track/song - $10

2 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $15

3 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $25

4 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $30

5 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $35

6 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $45

7 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $55

8 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $65

9 fully mastered track(s)/song(s) - $75

10 fully mastered track(s)/songs(s) - $85

If you have more than 10 tracks our prices for 11-15 track(s)/song(s) - $100

16-20 track(s)/song(s) - $115

Anything over that we can give you a nice quote that will not break your pockets.

We use the same exact mastering service equipment as the major labels,

(Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group)

So don't hesitate and get your music mastered the right way!

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